Meet Sara
Meet Sara


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Hi there! I am so glad you stopped by my site. But if you were really here, sitting right in front of me while I type, I don't think I'd even need to write this. My house- each brightly-painted, art-filled wall and happily crowded bookshelf surrounding me- is a complete reflection of my heart, and I love it. That's who I am- lover of color, to-do lists, water-skiing, photographs, and nonstop dancing. I'm a sentimental kind of girl and have always valued a home filled with a beautiful display of lasting memories and personality. And being surrounded by these things is what energizes me and fuels my passion for photography.

If you just want the quick list, I'm a Carolina girl from Savannah, GA, I always have a stash of jelly beans nearby, I can't focus if I haven't cleaned my house, and coffee is my everyday instant-good-mood-maker. I have six pairs of Toms, a weakness for jewelry, and way too many bottles of perfume, but I also really love to just hang with the boys.

When I am not behind the camera (or editing at my computer), you will probably find me on the lake, running with my dog, watching movies, or working as a nurse.

I am thankful to God for blessing me with the opportunity to do what I love every day and I strive to glorify Him. My husband Wes gets major props for not only wholeheartedly supporting me in building my business, but learning everything-photography to achieve second shooter status for my weddings. I don't know what I'd do without him!

So while were not sitting face-to-face right now, I hope that we will be sometime soon, cause I'd love to really get to know you. Enough about's really all about YOU!
- Sara